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Recover knee replacement surgery: Successful rehabilitation

Knee replacement surgery is done professionally and people are quite comfortable with the procedure. The best knee surgery hospital in Hyderabad has the required infrastructure.

The 12 weeks of one’s knee replacement recovery period are very important. Committing to a plan and also encouraging oneself to do as much as possible each day will indeed help a person heal faster. Rehabilitation does start immediately after a person has undergone knee replacement surgery.

If undergoing total knee replacement (TKR) surgery at the best knee surgery hospital in Hyderabad then recovery as well as rehabilitation go hand in hand and that too well. The person will get back on his or her feet and also return to an active lifestyle.

Each surgeon may have different protocols, and each person’s recovery is no doubt unique.

The 12 weeks following the surgery are very important for recovery as well as also rehab. Committing to a plan as well as encouraging oneself to do as much as possible each day will help a person heal faster from surgery and also help improve one’s chances of long-term success.

Day 1

Rehabilitation does tend to begin immediately after the person wakes up from surgery. Most people do have a total knee replacement as an outpatient procedure. This means the person will leave the hospital soon after the surgery, on the same day.

After surgery, a physical therapist (PT) helps the person to stand up and also walk with the help of an assistive device. Assistive devices do include walkers, crutches, as well as canes.

The PT will highlight how to get in and out of bed and also how to move around making use of an assistive device. They may ask the person to sit at the side of the bed, walk a few steps, and then transfer oneself to a bedside commode.

When needed, a nurse or perhaps an occupational therapist will help the person with tasks such as dressing as well as using the toilet.

In a few cases, the PT may also help a person use a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine. This sort of device does move the joint slowly and also gently after surgery.

Before leaving the hospital, the PT will indeed give adequate instructions for exercises to be carried out at home. 

These exercises are essential for recovery.

The first week

One’s daily routine will include the exercise of PT. These will improve one’s mobility as well as range of motion.

It is important not to push oneself too hard.

  • Following the doctor’s instructions helps manage pain after surgery: like using pain medication as directed
      • Using ice packs
      • Elevating one’s leg

After surgery, it is rather typical for the knee to technically be able to bend between 70 and 90 degrees.

Recover knee replacement surgery: Successful rehabilitation
Recover knee replacement surgery: Successful rehabilitation

By week 3

Keep doing exercises to improve one’s mobility as well as range of motion. Most people tend to progress by using a cane or nothing at all by 2–3 weeks. Long periods of sitting can cause the knee to feel stiff.

Weeks 4 to 6

If following the exercise and rehab schedule, then the knee will improve, like better bending and strength. The swelling as well as inflammation would go down.

Weeks 7 to 11

It helps to continue working on physical therapy for up to 12 weeks, and also potentially longer.

The idea is for better mobility and range of motion. It is also for increasing strength in one’s knee and the surrounding muscles.

PT modifies the exercises like:

  • Bicycling on a stationary bike
  • Toe and heel raises
  • Mini squats
  • Hip abductions
  • Leg balances
  • Step-ups

At week 12, keep doing exercises. Avoid high-impact activities that can damage one’s knee or the surrounding tissues. These can be like:

  • Running
  • Aerobics
  • Skiing
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • High-intensity cycling

At this point, less pain is felt. 

Week 13 and beyond

The knee improves further gradually over time, and pain will also reduce.


Knee replacement surgery done professionally requires patience for proper recovery.

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