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V9 Hospitals is regarded as one of the leading and best orthopedic hospitals in Secunderabad. Our hospital is equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of orthopedic care. From robotic-assisted techniques for precision to 3D-printed implants customized to fit each patient’s unique anatomy,. Our team of experts harnesses the latest advancements to ensure precise and personalized treatment for each patient.

Treatments We Offer

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Shoulder Joint Services

Knee Joint Services

Knee Replacement doctor in Secunderabad

Frequently Asked Questions-(FAQ'S)

It is typical to feel pain following knee replacement surgery. However, advances in surgical methods and pain control mean that most discomfort is treatable and brief. You will most likely feel the most discomfort in the first few days after surgery. However, most patients report that the pain subsides within a few weeks.
The process of healing from knee replacement surgery is progressive. The majority of patients are able to return their normal daily routines three to six weeks after surgery.
Patients After total hip replacement Surgery might expect to experience increased strength and coordination.According to recent research, 80-85% of hip replacements continue to function 20 years following surgery.


We Are Always Taking The Extra And Beyond Step To Provide Excellence In Orthopedic Care

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