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Joint Replacement Surgery: Common Myths with a Hyderabad Specialist

Joint replacement surgery has much opted for these days for better physical mobility and walking. Joint replacement surgery in Hyderabad is dependable and less complicated.

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Joint replacement surgery involves removing a damaged joint and placing it in a new one. A joint is where two or more bones come together, like the knee, hip, and even shoulder. The surgery is usually performed by an orthopedic surgeon. At times, the surgeon will not remove the whole joint, but will actually replace or perhaps fix the damaged parts.

The best joint replacement surgeon in Hyderabad is indeed well-versed with current advances in the hip as well as knee reconstruction techniques, like minimally invasive surgery as well as computer-assisted surgery, allowing patients to return more quickly to their daily activities. Much relief is sought by patients, but yet they are often bogged down by myths, which need to be clarified in proper context.

Joint Replacement Surgery: Common Myths with a Hyderabad Specialist
Joint Replacement Surgery: Common Myths with a Hyderabad Specialist

Myths associated with joint replacement surgery are mainly due to rather false information received on the internet. Joint replacement surgery cannot be taken lightly. Patients have to be prepared mentally for it.

Joint replacement surgery in Hyderabad is performed professionally and much expertise is involved. Silly myths cannot negate such a treatment process.

A few myths are:

Myth: Hip and joint replacement implants happen to be only good for about 10 years.

FACT: This is made use of to be true, but not today. Advances in new types of the knee as well as hip implants have revolutionized the longevity of fixtures, ensuring their effectiveness. At present, a person can expect a new hip or even knee replacement to last more than 20 years.

Myth: Joint replacement surgery needs to be the last resort to eliminate chronic pain.

FACT: Conservative treatments for those suffering from chronic pain are always the best initial approach for anyone who does suffer from joint pains. These may indeed include medications, physical therapy as well as other measures. But when the pain becomes life-affecting and tends to limit one’s mobility, it is a good idea to talk to the doctor about one’s surgical options. Living with chronic pain is not healthy, and limited mobility usually results in weight gain, increased risk of cardiovascular issues, and also a lower quality of life.

Myth: Joint replacement surgery does take a long time to recover.

FACT: It is made use of to be standard for joint replacement patients to spend a week in the hospital after they got a new knee or perhaps a hip. Today, patients do put weight on their new hip or knee hours after their surgery and typically go home after 1-2 days. Recovery does take place in stages, with short-term recovery taking 4-6 weeks while full recovery (as defined as an improvement in functioning and mobility and a feeling of course normalcy) may take up to 6 months; few patients do recover much sooner; others may rather take longer. Several factors do play a role in a patient’s recovery, including attitude, physical therapy participation as well as others.

Myth: A person cannot exercise or participate in sports activities after undergoing joint replacement surgery.

FACT: Not true. Being active is possible after joint replacement surgery, albeit in low-impact activities like walking, swimming as well as cycling. Consulting the doctor and seeking an opinion helps.

Myth: Surgery implies complications.

FACT: Joint replacement surgery is no doubt a major surgery. This does not of course mean that there are risks involved. But it does not guarantee that there will be rather complications. There are much fewer complications the more joint replacement surgeries performed in a reputed hospital.


Joint replacement surgery in Hyderabad can be undergone without any worries.

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