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What to expect before, during, and after spine surgery in Hyderabad?

Spine surgery in Hyderabad is reliable as experts are involved, The infrastructure for it in hospitals is excellent. spine surgery in Hyderabad is required if faced with acute spinal problems.

Undergoing spine surgery is no doubt a major decision. Patients are not only concerned with treatment but recovery also.

What about spine surgery in Hyderabad?

The developing technology in the present-day medical field made several procedures as minimally invasive surgeries where the surgeon does make only a few small cuts instead of large incisions. These procedures do require less time to recover and have fewer complications than open surgeries. 

On the whole, unlike spinal surgeries such as Discectomy, Foraminotomy, and Laminectomy, Spinal fusion surgeries do take longer recovery time. 

These surgeries do vary in the procedure and may require short or long recovery time depending on the patient’s condition as well as the type of surgery.


Treatment is provided by the best teams of surgeons and also consultants in India who have years of experience in treating patients successfully with spine-related conditions as well as providing them of course the best treatment strategies depending on their respective conditions making us one of the top hospitals.

Post Operative Care for Spine Surgery

Wound Care

The wound is no doubt expected to be kept dry after the surgery. The dressing is rather changed on the second post-operation day. Subsequently, dressings are done when required. Usually, dressing change is not necessary after minimally invasive procedures unless the dressing material does become wet with blood or even body fluids. 

Pain can be felt and inflammation around the incision for a few days after surgery. Observation is required daily basis and if noticing swelling and redness are more or draining extra fluid, feeling warm and in case of the incision opens up, consult the surgeon immediately.


Patients can sit as well as walk on the same day or the next day in most cases after spine surgery. They are allowed to perform certain activities depending on their comfort level. 

Pain during recovery

After a spine surgery pain is common. Pain medication is given during the hospital stay. After discharge from the hospital, the dosage of pain medication is rather reduced if the pain reduces gradually as healing takes place. 

What to expect before, during, and after spine surgery in Hyderabad?

Sleeping after spine surgery

After spine surgery, a patient needs to follow certain principles as recommended by the surgeon. Sleeping on a mattress that is firm and also supports one’s spinal alignment is a good idea. A thin pillow is useful to use after cervical spine surgery.

Avoid sleeping on the floor for say about 4-6 weeks, particularly in case of fusion surgery. The movement stresses the spine.

Household activities

Patients can do household activities in a sitting/ standing position after seeking advice from the doctor and if comfortable. There is no time limit to stand or walk. Yet, continuous sitting is not good. Certain activities such as bending, twisting the body, sitting on a plain floor, and lifting heavy objects are restricted for a long time. 

Return to regular work

Patients carrying out sitting jobs can return to work once they are comfortable after seeking proper advice from the surgeon. People who need to travel long distances, involved in mild laborious activities need to wait for 1 or 2 months depending upon the surgical procedure. Heavy weight lifting is to be avoided for 3-6 months.

Using of brace

The use of a cervical or lumbar belt is suggested in a few cases after surgery to provide stability to the spine. These provide support and limit weird movements and provide comfort to the patient.


Physiotherapy is often suggested after spinal surgery to improve the strength of one’s back muscles and improve the range of motion as well as flexibility. It helps heal the tissues faster in the area where the surgery was performed. 

Sometimes long-time physio is recommended and can be done at home.


Spine surgery in Hyderabad can be relied upon as experts perform it.

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