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Different knee replacement surgeries: partial, total, and revision

Knee replacement surgeries may be required at times if a person suffers from knee joint pain. It helps to visit the best knee replacement hospital to know more about these surgeries.

The knee is a unique and strong joint in the human body. It permits the lower leg to move relative to the thighs while supporting the body’s weight. Knee replacement surgeries are often decided upon if suffering from pain in the knee joints.

Types of Knee Surgery:

1. Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

  • Conventional Technique – Conventional, also referred to as the Traditional approach to knee replacement surgery, has been in vogue for decades. With research and further improvements, new forms of surgical treatment have come up. 
  • Robotic Technique – Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery is popular too. It has indeed brought innovation and developed orthopedic treatments. In this sort of treatment, by analyzing CT scans, the robotic arm can rather create and map 3D images of the surgical area which is made use of by the surgeon to determine the size as well as position of the implant. The benefits of this type of surgery are in the form of patient satisfaction, fewer costs in long-term costs, and better outcomes for patients.

2. Partial Knee Replacement

When an injury or perhaps arthritis occurs in only a part or section of the knee, partial knee replacement is recommended. A partial knee replacement is carried out as a short-stage procedure, which does mean a person can be in and out of the hospital within two days.

The procedure is performed under regional anesthesia after which the damaged bone and cartilage will be removed from the knee, thus leaving behind healthy tissue.

A very small incision is done to perform a partial knee replacement surgery, so naturally, the tissues will then heal quicker than total knee replacement surgery. Most patients can put weight on their knee quite soon after surgery, but making use of a walker, cane, or crutches is required to get used to the new knee.

It takes rather few weeks to recover but those who have a partial knee replacement recover faster and better, lose less blood during the surgery and experience lesser pain than patients who have a total knee replacement.

3. Robotic Partial Knee Replacement

Robotic partial knee replacement happens to be a similar procedure to conventional partial knee replacement but is also a special Robotic device referred to as NAVIO plasty (NAVIO Robot) and is used by surgeons to make the surgery more precise and also accurate.

Proper planning pre-surgery will certainly ensure the perfect size and also placement of the implant. With the help of computer guidance, the surgeon will then use a robotic arm to control certain aspects of the surgery for maximum precision as well as success.

Different knee replacement surgeries, partial, total, revision

Post-surgery recovery is much faster compared to standard procedures, due to it being individually prepared for every patient, for it being accurate and also precise. It reduces the risk of trauma, as the robotic assistance does allow increased maneuverability in tight spaces. 

4. Osteotomy Knee Surgery

In this sort of procedure, one of the bones (tibia or femur) is rather reshaped to relieve the pressure being put on the knee joint, and this is made used primarily for patients suffering from early-stage arthritis that has of course damaged only part of the knee joint. Osteotomy knee surgery does provide relief from pain and also improves the movement of one’s knee faster. Patients can go home within two days after the surgery. Crutches may rather be required for a while.

5. Revision Knee Surgery

If Having a prosthetic knee from previous knee replacement surgery but experiencing pain or disability again, then the person can opt for a revision knee surgery to get new replacement prosthetic materials. Implants are indeed always designed to last for a long time, but they can wear out and may also need replacement. 


It is a good idea to visit the best knee replacement hospital to know more about such above-mentioned knee replacement surgeries.

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